The Island- An Ark Survival Evolved Story. (Part 9)

Part 1 part 2 part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 and Part 8 can be found by clicking on their names if you have not read them yet.

I gathered the rexes together at dawn and we set off. The green obelisk isn’t that far from base. However to try and maintain an organised march to the obelisk with 10 large lizards was not easy. These beasts maybe mighty but damn are they mighty slow too!

We reached the terminal in the center and I inserted the artifacts and other trophies I had collected to summon this beast. After making sure everyone was on the platform, and weapons were loaded I initiated the summons. A large green barrier started forming around us from the ground up forming a dome. Then BOOM we had teleported.

At first I saw nothing but then I saw her. In the dark cave like chamber surrounded by webs and eggs stood the Broodmother. A Huge arachnid the stuff of my nightmares. I whistled for the gang to attack. She fought back sending her drones out to support her poisonous attack. My rexes fought bravely, with myself atop of Mohawk. Roars and hisses filled the echoing cavern and then the fight was done. Carnage surrounded us as we stood victorious. I was relieved no one was lost. I also had not fired a single shot. This was my babies victory not mine. As I was just wondering how to exit we were teleported back to the obelisk.

I saw I had new items on me, and a new resource. Element. I wondered what this could mean. I had also unlocked some new blueprints to build. “Tek” structures. If I am to use this I need to acquire more of this element wherever I may find that.

I think now I should prepare to travel north, uncover some new territory and hopefully more clues as what to do next.

Thank you for reading. Part 10 coming soon. Take care xxx

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