Nexomon- A decent pokemon clone.

As I have a LOT of spare time recently I have spent most of it procrastinating as most others are. I have been living my life cleaning, homeschooling, blogging, playing videogames and watching a ton of random stuff on YouTube. Last night I was watching a lot of stuff about pokemon and the nostalgia started to get to me and I had the urge to whip my 3ds out to play with my pocket monster pals. Then I realized my DD had taken it with her to her dad’s. So I scoured the play store on my phone and found it. Nexomon.

I loaded the game and saw 2 options. Nexomon lite or full game. I like this. It gives you the option to try the game to see if you like it instead of forcing you to pay for the whole thing and risk hating it. I pressed lite version. You have the opening story/history of Nexomon and then you are in the game. Your character starts in thier room and a loud boom disturbs you. You go downstairs to find people in your house. Your parents are working on some kind of machine and tell you to find your friend because she has a “new toy”.

Upon going outside you see your friend with a robot being confronted by a team rocket wannabe. There’s a ruckus and he drops a box, out of which you pick your starter. There are 7 to choose from. I obviously went for the lightning cat. You fight the grunt, win and he passes out on the floor. Sir Douche bag then comes out of your house, tells you off for stealing his nexomon. He tells you he is the best nexolord in the world and goes off. Our journey begins. Robot dude teaches you how to catch wild nexomon. I didn’t like the fact it makes you use your “good” nexotrap. But hey I carried on. We are then told to go to the next town to find the overseer there to get more info about Sir Douche.

It plays just like a Pokemon game and to be honest I have played other clones but this one I feel is the best one. The graphics are beautiful, the music is great the nexomon are varied. In Pokemon you will probably find the same 6 types of Pokemon in one area. Here you find more variety, also you can find the starter nexomon in the wild. Each nexomon when you encounter it has a symbol by it’s name stating it’s type. Underneath the name it states it’s rarity.

I proceeded to go to the next town battling wild nexomon as I went. In grassy areas the bushes shake when there is a wild nexomon to battle. I passed a house that was on fire but there was no option to do anything there after taking to the NPCs. Near the next town we run into a cat that is being harassed by a monkey. We defeat the monkey and then the cat gets annoyed when robot dude asks for a reward for helping him. He then throws stuff at our heads and storms off. We enter the next town.

Robot dude explains healing centres and then low and behold there is rude cat boi. His name is Ron and he runs ALL the shops. So after healing up and buying supplies we find the overseer. You have the option to battle him or go back. Being the cocky cow I am I thought I would challenge him. Somehow I won. We then get some higher up fire guy brag about how amazing his is and fires the overseer for letting me win. Cool. But where’s my badge bro? No badge. Hmmm ok.

I went back to the first route and did some training, caught some more nexomon then carried on my way. To get to the next town we had to go through a mountain. Not too bad as it is pretty linear. When you leave the mountain that’s when the lite version ends.

The things I didn’t like we’re firstly the adverts. They were sporadic and you never know when the next ad will pop up. The longest time I went without an ad was 15 mins. Secondly there are not a lot of NPCs to battle so leveling up is mainly through fighting wild nexomon. My last beef is the fact I didn’t get a badge. I like my badges but still can’t grumble.

I LOVED the graphics, this game reeled me in with I HAVE to catch all the nexomon. A new wild nexomon would pop up and I would HAVE to catch it because it was cute. Not even lying. The names are shall we say a bit odd. There’s a Robin wearing a Robin hood hat called Hobyn and then there is this guy…

The music is fun and goes with the game play beautifully. Leveling up is slow to start but when you battle, everyone in the party receives xp. Another feature I like is when you catch a new nexomon you are asked if you want it in your party or to send it to storage, this is useful if you want to add a new nexomon to your team there and then, rather than waiting until you get to a healing centre.

I really enjoyed this game…. And yes I paid the whole £0.89 to unlock the full version. I look forward to unraveling more of this game and it’s story.

7 thoughts on “Nexomon- A decent pokemon clone.

    1. It is fun. If you play the free trail you do have to deal with ads (as stated in this) but I spent about 2 hours non stop on the free bit. I probably could have spent more time on it catching more nexomon and leveling my team though lol


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