The Island-An Ark Survival Evolved Story (part 6)

Part 1 part 2 part 3 Part 4 and Part 5 can be found by clicking on their names if you have not read them yet.

Day 11.

Today I took Windrider (The Argentavis) to the Island I spotted up north. On the way I saw a lake so being the easily distracted person I am I had to investigate. I found a couple of notes there so that’s a bonus. We headed to the Island. At first it was quiet not a soul in sight, I could hear seabirds but not hear the. We were minding our own business and looking around when all of a sudden LOTS of angry things turned up! Scorpions, Argentavis, Rex’s, Carno’s, Saber-tooth cats. They were all there. Luckily we were able to fight the majority off and I tamed a Saber-tooth! I’m hoping it will be good in small spaces like that cave on the beach with the lava.

I found some more notes on this island as well as another cave entrance, It looks like if i’m to go further in that cave I’m going to have to get a lot better at swimming though! The cave is easy to find as it is right next to a rather large ruin. At least this one still sort of represents a house of sorts, even if its half in the water. Using Windrider we picked up the saber and made our way home. I’m starting to get quiet a menagerie now!

Day 12

Nothing much exciting going on today, I focused on making weapons and ammo, I did go through the notes from yesterday though.

Rockwell record #1

Greetings and salutations dear reader! If these words are gracing your eyes, then you have had the good fortune to find the journal of Sir Edmund Rockwell, stupendous scholar, gallant gentleman and explorer extraordinaire.
It also means that it’s entirely possible that I’ve met some unseemly end on this fascinating but exceedingly dangerous island that I call home. I suppose you could have also stolen it or I could have misplaced it in which case please proceed to either hang your head in shame or return it to me at once. Whichever is appropriate.

Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #4

Any chemist worth his salt knows the irreplaceable value of testing. Until a tonic has been rigorously tested, it is less useful than water. If only I could persuade this island’s less intellectual inhabitants to see that tests on Mesopithecus serve well for early trials, but they are no replacement for genuine human subjects at later, safer stages.
By subjects I of course mean willing participants that are prepared to risk mild headaches and much less mild nausea for the sake of science. The Laughing Skulls offered rather less willing participants at one point, but I declined. With how difficult it is to find volunteers these days, I sometimes regret

Rockwell Record #5

Miss Walker’s impromptu visits are always an unexpected pleasure. After that headache with the Sharks and Blackfoots, a lively tea-time discussion about the abnormalities of the ARK’s ecosystem was precisely what I needed. Thank goodness I’ve managed to find an intellectual colleague that shares my love for the sciences! It saddens me to think that Miss Walker’s charming colonial accent would keep her out of the more prestigious institutions and societies back home. Another of the ARK’s wonders – it is a true meritocracy unlike any in the modern world. If Miss Walker and I could find and cultivate more minds like ourselves, we could create a true scientific utopia.

Rockwell Record #27

Before arriving on this island, I would have dismissed the idea of a device instantly transporting a person from one location to another as complete and utter poppycock. Yet, that appears exactly what the strange platforms beneath the obelisks are capable of doing. Astounding! Yes, yes, there was a dragon on the other side. I’m sure Mister Nerva and his men fought quite the heroic battle, but discovering another slobbering beast is trivial in comparison. Imagine! One could go from one side of the globe to the other in the blink of an eye, and I’ll wager that is just the start of the obelisk’s capabilities!

I must learn more! I must!

Ok so we are learning more about Rockwell in these. In the first note he appears to be a cheery sort and the language used seems quiet late Victorian? I don’t know about you but the term “explorer extraordinaire” just cries “Victorian England” me. So he is a scientist, which explains his obsession to learn how everything works, although he seems to be more of a chemist. Then we get more information on the obelisks. Just as I thought they ARE teleports. Yes Rockwell, learn more so I may find your notes and I too can learn more and hopefully get home! We also learn that this place is known as the “ARK” from note 5 and that he does indeed know Helena.

Helena note #29

When Nerva and his band return from the cave, they’ll decide my fate, so this may be my final chance to reflect. I may as well take advantage of it.

I realize that had I just ignored the signs and accepted this paradise at face value, I’d still be happy and free. Would that have been better? I don’t think so. After a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I’d rather die seeking the truth than living in an illusion. That, as Rockwell would say, is the path of a true scientist.

Not that I’m Galileo battling the church or anything, but hey, it’s something to hold onto.

OK so now we know that the acquaintance of Rockwell’s Nerva captured was Helena not Isabelle. It seems Nerva has entered a cave and Helena is awaiting her fate. I need to find more of her notes to find out the whole of her story.

Nerva #1

It is the chaos of this land that is truly disturbing to me, even more than its most titanic and vicious beasts. Animals are meant to be savage. Even when tamed, they are not truly civilized, but man? Man is supposed to be above the animal, yet the people here live in squalor and fight viciously over scraps like stray dogs. I have convinced some of them to band together under my leadership, and together, we have found safety and order. Unfortunately, they are untrained and lack cohesion. I’ll have to fix that.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

We don’t really learn anything new with this note. We already knew he was power hungry and obsessed with order, dominance and victory. However it seemed like when her arrived the place needed order so at least one good thing came out of it.

You can find part 7 here.

I hope you are enjoying the series so far, I know I am. Thanks for reading, and as always take care xxx

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