The Island- An Ark Survival Evolved Story (Part 5)

Part 1 part 2 part 3 and Part 4 can be found by clicking on their names if you have not read them yet.

Day 9

Went out exploring on Chomper again today. Found a lot of those notes too which I will go through later. Wondered around and found a beach area, this place has a lot of beaches, maybe it’s an Island? Found a curious hole in the wall, against my better judgement we entered.

Yeah definitely against my better judgement that place was terrifying! It was dark, creepy and full of things! We were pretty much blind in there even though there were big bright lava falls and pools everywhere. I also think Chomper is a bit big for being in there. It was extremely hard to turn him around in there to the point I panicked because we had somehow gotten lost. There were 2 ways we couldn’t cross because of gaps in the walkway. I say 2, it could have been just the one because like I said we got a little lost. Finally we managed to leave and headed to the redwoods to see if we could find more notes in a safer environment. I found 5 more notes there, 3 from Nerva, 1 from Rockwell and 1 from someone called Helena? It should make for good reading.

I finally have a flyer. I did a bit of taming today, firstly I tamed an Argentavis. Beautiful thing. Black and white with a gold tuft on its head. Then on the way home I tamed one of those raptors. Maybe the raptor will suffice for exploring that lava cave when I get the balls to go there again?

Day 10

Not much happened today, I went out flying on the Argentavis and it was FANTASTIC! such an amazing feeling of freedom! We flew over the trees and up to the top of a nearby mountain. I felt I could see the world. I saw a little island that looks good to explore, more mountains and snow covered hills to the north west. I’m going to have to wrap up warm if i’m to go there. Found another note from Nerva and something else…

I found one of those ruins on the mountain but this one was much different. The ruin had a metallic plate? I don’t know it was completely different to anything I have seen before. Then before my eyes I was surrounded by writing and in the center was an object that looks like the implant in my arm. I wish I hadn’t reacted with as much shock as I did making the image disappear . Unlike the other notes, of which I can pick up and store this one just vanished. What was it? Maybe the other notes I gathered will help.

Nerva #2

I am reminded of my first command in Dacia. Many men questioned my rank, wondering why they had to follow a Centurion so young. It took time to earn their trust, but it was necessary. I could not have even a single soldier questioning me in battle, lest our discipline fail. Without discipline, our century’s formation would crumble, and the legion would be exposed. It is the same here. These ragged men and women will not become a unit overnight, but I am patient and more experienced than I was in Dacia. I may be far from the Rome, but I know this for certain – this island will know its might.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva #8

I have allowed the Legion to take a reprieve from war, at least for now. We need time to gather our strength and plan our road to conquest before we march again. Augustus did not unite the Empire by rushing into battle, after all. Such things take time, and more importantly, information. As I write, my scouts are mapping out the surrounding lands and observing any tribes that may oppose us. I have no doubt they are not all like the Blackthumbs. One could very well prove to by my Marc Antony, and when I find him, I will be prepared.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

ARK: Survival Evolved_20200502145319

Nerva #10

Who could have imagined that a simple convoy would give the New Legion its first taste of adversity? Before today, the idea would seem absurd. They must have seen our approach, because just as we spotted our prey, we found our left flank beset upon by a pack of beasts. Though the creatures were smaller in size and number, they struck fast, they struck together and they never lingered. By the time we chased them off for good, the convoy was long gone. Impossibly, I spotted but a single rider throughout it all. Who is she? If Mars has blessed me, does Minerva harry me?

No, I was simply unprepared. I will not be again.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

ARK: Survival Evolved_20200502145334

Nerva # 27

Damn these barbarians. They’ve smelled our weakness.

Between our battles with the Beast Queen and the dragon, the New Legion’s main army has been distracted and depleted. Lesser tribes have taken advantage by raiding our camps and seizing territory that we claimed with our blood and sweat. Fine. Let them have their temporary victories. Let them imagine that they have inflicted real wounds upon us. When I obtain the power of the obelisks, they will pay for every blade of grass they take from me. With that power, I will make them know true regret.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

OK before I go through the other notes I found lets talk about Mister Nerva here. In note 2 he talks about discipline and his first command. That with the reference to Rome and in the first note of his I found im going to say it. Is this dude a Roman? As in Roman soldier, from you know Rome and Julius Caesar? How old is this place? But then Rockwell doesn’t talk like him at all is he Roman or from somewhere else? Well no of course not his notes are in English not Latin. To prove this further that Nerva IS a Roman is his reference to Marc Anthony in note 8. What?

He really is just focused on victory over others, dominance over everything and again with the obelisks. He mentions fighting the dragon. I wonder if that has anything to do with the first obelisk I encountered that had something about a dragon in it?

Rockwell Record #14

Eureka! My theory was correct. The small podium at the base of the obelisk is definitely responding to the artifact’s proximity and vice versa. Honestly I feel foolish for not attempting this sooner! The stylistic similarities between the artifacts and the obelisks floating above the island seems so obvious to me now. Clearly they were created within the same culture and era.

Bizarrely, while both the artifact and obelisks are in exquisite condition, there are no other signs of this mysterious civilization. How could that be? What kind of mad society would galavant about some remote island, building towering structures and stuffing knickknacks into caves before vanishing without a trace? I don’t understand it, but it’s certainly piqued my curiosity.

OK so artifacts and obelisks react with each other. Does this mean Nerva obatined some artifacts to fight the dragon? Rockwell mentions a mysterious civilization that must have left the artifacts behind before vanishing. So there were people here before the people that were here before me. I had assumed the ruins I found were left by the people who occupied this land when Rockwell and Nerva were here, maybe they are from a time before the authors of these notes? If so who were they? I mean It would make sense if they were from ancient Roman times which where Nerva fits in but what if they are not? Does that mean these people were here later in time than I first thought? How long ago did they leave if it was not the 100’s of years I first thought? Maybe I’m in a different time, in the past? There is no way of telling here except… wait my stupid brain didn’t even connect the dots to start with. When I first woke up I was more concerned about where I was not when I was, completely disregarding the bloody DINOSAURS. What if I am in prehistoric times? But of course that wasn’t my first thought because of the massive floating metal man(?) made obelisks. I need to find out more. I wonder if this note from “Helena” will shine any light. Another new perspective.

Helena #10

The Painted Sharks have treated me like I’m the bloody queen since I showed them Rockwell’s letter of recommendation. I don’t think I’ve eaten better in my entire time on the Island. Not that it’s a high bar, I’m a horrible cook. Oh, and they’ve been of tremendous help with my research, of course.

So far, my estimates of the predator-prey balance are consistent with the ecosystems on the mainland. The water is simply teeming with shoals of megalodons, and they are extremely aggressive. Perhaps that’s a side effect of having limited prey? Sharks aren’t known as territorial creatures. I’ll have to study them further.

OK that wasn’t much help, all we know is she knows Rockwell and has been studying the ecosystems of this place. Although that could also come in handy. Plus shes English speaking. The fact that she is female and “studying” also implies shes not from the past, past. A little closer to my time I guess, seeing as up until a few hundred years ago women were not supposed to be “academic”, which Helena clearly is. I like her.

I need to focus of preparing to travel and defend myself in order to learn more about this place and maybe how to leave and get back home. There were compounds, armies and tribes when these authors wrote there notes, yet I am here alone. Apart from these notes and the occasional ruin (even though i’m now not sure if they are connected to these people), there is no evidence anyone was ever here at all. Surely I cannot be the only one here. Maybe I’ll find life up north?

I hope you enjoyed this part. Comment below on your thoughts of the authors. Is Nerva from ancient Rome? Don’t forget to follow me on twitter to keep updated and soon you will find part 6 here.

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