Ark The Island- An Ark Survival Evolved Story. (Part 4)

Part 1 part 2 and part 3 can be found by clicking on their names if you have not read them yet.

Day 7

Took Chomper out to explore, we went just north of the green obelisk and explored the woods just behind there. Not much happened, well lots of small things again trying to attack us and I found a, vase? Anyway it had a note inside it written by that Nerva guy mentioned in Rockwells Records. It will be interesting to see things from a different perspective. (Nerva note #25)

We continued to explore the area in the hopes of finding more, and I wasn’t disappointed I found 3 more numbers 16,6 and 24 this oughta be a good read! They were all next to those little ruins I said about, except one, it was in a much larger ruin. Maybe this was Nerva’s compound? I don’t know. Although it was bigger than the rest there wasn’t really much there apart from the note, a few pillars and maybe a crumbled alter of sorts. I don’t think I have been so excited to see stairs in my life.

Anyway yet again Chomper and I were exploring the woods and BAM it got dark again. I need to take more torches out with me. We managed to find Green obelisk and got home safely.

Day 8

Today I went through the notes we found yesterday. I needed to brush up on my Latin first though. Here are the notes translated.


“It did not take long for me to grow accustomed to the weapons of this world – many of which are called “guns” according to one of my lieutenants. They are far more accurate and deadly than any bow, but like any weapon, they are only as effective as their wielder. In the hands of the Blackthumbs, they are of no concern. In battle, we have been able to bait the Blackthumbs into attacking a wave of durable but disposable beasts before descending upon them with our main force. Our attacks are concentrated while theirs are scattered. That makes all the difference.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline


Li MeiYin, the Beast Queen of the Jungle. That is the name of my foe. It is a name that I have already grown weary of, but soon I will never hear it again. It turns out that she is a mercenary not beholden to any tribe, including the Painted Sharks. So as satisfying as it may be, I need not actually defeat her. I must simply divorce her from her employers, and I know exactly how to do it. The seeds of my victory are already planted.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline


“I have received disturbing news. Apparently, the Beast Queen has resurfaced with an even larger contingent than before, and she is on the move. Worse still, she is travelling directly towards one of the obelisks. I can think of no worse scenario than the obelisks falling into the those barbaric hands. She has always been a nuisance, but with their power, the Beast Queen would pose a dire threat to everything I have built.I must mobilize my main force and move to intercept her at once. The future of this island may hang in the balance.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline


ARK: Survival Evolved_20200502121958

When my army arrived at the obelisk, I feared we were too late. The Beast Queen was nowhere to be found. I was about to order a search of the area when I was blinded by a flash of light. Suddenly, the barbarian horde was right before us, and battle was joined. Though the savage possessed a fearsome new monster, it attacked ally and enemy alike. If anything, its presence made the slaughter more complete. By the end, the Beast Queen’s forces were annihilated, and she herself had fled with mortal wounds. At last, her threat is ended. Interestingly, we also captured an acquaintance of Rockwell’s during the battle. Perhaps she knows something about the obelisks that Rockwell does not.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

So that first note, This Nerva guy seems pretty military and practical minded. The way he talks about battles and seems very strategic but has also never heard of or seen a gun? That is odd. I mean maybe where he is from in Italy they are extremely sheltered? No, someone that sheltered wouldn’t have a mind like Nerva’s.

Hes quite obsessed with the beast queen as the next 3 notes seem to be about her. Her Name is Li Mei-Yin and hes worried she is heading to an obelisk. I’m sure Rockwell mentioned something bout that too in one of his notes. Well we know Rockwell and Nerva know each other from Rockwell’s records. What are those obelisks? I mean id like to find out but I would rather be prepared and to do that I need more notes like these. Maybe since Rockwell mentioned Nerva in his notes and I found notes from the two, Mei-Yin may have left some notes too?

So Nerva and his men arrive at the obelisk with no sign of Mei-Yin. they were blinded by a flash and there she was with her crew. OK correct me if i’m wrong as I may have seen a few sci-fi films in my time but doesn’t that sound like some kind of teleport? Are the obelisks teleports? But where do they take you? If it was home then why did Mei-Yin come back? If I had found a way home I certainly wouldn’t choose to come back!

There was a battle and she left because she was wounded (smart woman). Then Nerva says about capturing an acquaintance of Rockwell’s. Wait why would you capture someone who knows an ally of yours? unless something has happened we don’t know about and Rockwell and Nerva are no longer Allies? That or Nerva is the biggest Italian Douche bag in the world. Maybe it’s Isabelle from Rockwell’s note?

Tomorrow I think i’ll go back to looking in that area with the big ruin see if I can find more Information? I also need to go north at some point to that cave Rockwell mentioned. I also think I need to start looking into making some better weapons too, I don’t think arrows are going to cut it for much longer.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are enjoying these so far. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, like or even share these 🙂 take care xxx

Part 5 can be found by clicking it.

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