The Island- An Ark Survival Evolved Story (part 3)

Part 1 and part 2 can be found by clicking on their names if you have not read them yet.

Day 5

Got up this morning to find Ducky had laid an egg! Im not sure what to do with it yet. I decided we should explore our surroundings more and see if I can find any more of these Rockwell Records in the hopes to find out what this place is and what happened to the people here. Also to see if I can find anymore signs of life, such as buildings etc.

We headed North west today and found ourselves in a redwood forest, I would say it was beautiful and almost tranquil except it wasn’t. We were going at a steady pace, taking in the surroundings when all of a sudden I was knocked off of Ducky. I was blinded I couldn’t see anything except a bright orange/yellow light in front of my eyes. I could hear things and felt them attacking me. I blindly punched in front of myself hoping to hit what was there. Finally the chaotic screeching stopped and I regained my sight. I was surrounded by bird like creatures. Upon closer inspection I saw they were micoraptors. Evil things. Ducky had fled and left me. I killed the unconscious birds just to be on the safe side. Great, I’ve just realized i’m a serial killer of creatures that I think are already extinct. I retrieved Ducky from around the corner and headed back. Found another dossier, this one for Pteradon.

On our walk back I decided if I was to go about my plan of exploring and finding more evidence of what happened, i’m going to need something stronger and braver than Ducky, a carnivore maybe? As luck would have it when we returned I saw an angry carnivore attacking a creature on the river bank. Seeing as I had just learnt how to create tranquilizing arrows I approached the beast and hit it whilst it was distracted by its meal. It went down easily, it was a carnotaurus.

Day 6

I was up almost all night taming this carno, but it was worth it. I named him Chomper. Chomper and I went back towards the redwoods and scoured the place looking for clues. I am so glad I had him, the amount of little but potentially deadly creatures we encountered was unreal! They swarm you see, you think you will be alright because they are small but you kill one and about 1000 more swarm you (OK a slight exaggeration). I’ve learnt that when I hear a little sweet sounding chirping noise, it is usually a pack of compys and if you hear buzzing just run!

We came across a hilly area where I found a new resource, well 2 new ones. Shiny rocks that give you metal when you hit them and Crystal. I have never seen crystal that big! Then again i’m used to the little stones you can buy at gift shops and other shops. I miss shops. Heck i’m even starting to miss people! We found another Rockwell Record, this one was numbered 13. As usual I waited until we were home to read it. Managed to get turned around and for a horrific moment with the sun starting to set, I thought we were lost. However, I saw green ob in the not so far distance and followed its light back home. See I knew there was a logical reason why I settled there!

Remarkable. Absolutely remarkable! When I chose that remote northern cave as as the site of my spectacular spelunking sojourn, I’d never imagined that I’d find such wonders within. Granted, I don’t know what this specific wonder does exactly, but it’s fascinating to examine. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen! I don’t even recognize the materials that it’s composed of, and it’s constantly pulsing with some sort of latent energy. What is it? Is it unique or are there similar artifacts just waiting to be discovered beneath the island’s surface?

My how invigorating! Isabelle was right, this was exactly what I needed. I feel like a young man again!

Hmm OK, so it seems this Rockwell fella found one of those artifacts in a cave up north? I haven’t traveled that far north, maybe I should go there with Chomper. I would have to prepare first as I have no Idea what it is like up there. It could be pleasant or complete death. Id like to know more of these wonders Rockwell found maybe there are more of these records up there too. Another new person, Isabelle, I wonder what role she plays in all of this?

Thanks for reading, I hope your enjoying these. Find Part 4 here .

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