The Island- An Ark Survival Evolved story (part 2)

you can find part one here

Day 3

Today I scouted around on Ducky, after all I would get around quicker on her and have more protection than if I was on my own. I decided that since yesterday I had gone west, today I would follow the shore east. I saw some angry looking things along the way, they looked like crocodiles. I saw more dodos and parasaurs like Dude and Ducky and a few more small creatures, Oh! and a huge spiky turtle!

The coast wasn’t showing any signs of anywhere decent to build, so I started to go inland, following a river. That’s when I realized that Green obelisk was close, so I went to inspect it. It was just like the red one but this one instead was for something called the “Broodmother”. The name sent shudders down my spine for some reason.

I found a flat peace of land nearby and decided this is where I shall build my home. Plenty of natural resources around and more importantly fresh water! I set to work straight away and made a small stone dwelling. It will do for now. There are a few Brontosaur nearby but they should if anything, act as an early warning system if anything particularly nasty heads this way. Even if they are stompy.

Day Four

After yesterdays hard days work, I went for a swim in the nearby river, I will bring weapons next time this place has piranhas! Ducky and I explored our surroundings, went across the river and would you believe it? There was a ROBOT Ducky! This place is ridiculous i’m only just adjusting to dinosaurs in general and now there are robotic ones? What crazy place is this?

After that shock I moved on pretty quickly because there was a big angry looking thing with a fin on its back heading our way. It started to rain so we went into the trees for shelter. I found a couple more of those little ruins with boxes. One had a “Dossier” it was about piranhas, go figure. I also found another Rockwell Record this was numbered 25. I shall read that tonight. The rain eased off and we headed home. I made a bed to sleep in and it is now starting to feel like a home now. The Brontosaur are still very stompy and tried stomping on my house… I need to be able to sleep tonight.

The New Legion is finally on the march, and not a moment too soon! Mister Nerva runs his tribe exceptionally well, but their compound is positively spartan. I don’t think I saw a single piece of decor anywhere! It certainly made me miss the comforts of Rockwell Manor, I’ll say that.

At any rate, we are apparently in pursuit of a barbaric “Beast Queen”. According to the men, she feasts on the flesh of her enemies alongside her army of monsters. Dreadful! Mister Nerva is convinced that she is heading towards an obelisk, but I see no cause for alarm. No mere heathen could hope to uncover its secrets, and certainly not alone.

So someone new “the beast queen”? She doesn’t sound nice? Then again I’ve not seen ANY signs of life apart from dinos robo-Duckies and these notes. A compound sounds like it would have been a large place or building, I mean there is a lot of this place I still haven’t seen. If only I could fly. OK these Brontosaur need to go….

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