The Island- An Ark Survival Evolved Story

Day one

I woke up on a beach, I think. its a sandy shore anyway. I can see another bit of land in front of me on the other side of the water. How did I get here? Where is here? I can hear birds, seagulls maybe? However I can not see any. In the distance I see a strange metal tower. It has a red diamond on it. There is something on my left forearm, I do not know what it is but its itchy. I should see what is lying around I feel like i’m going to need resources. I see no other people or even buildings.

I collected resources enough to make some primitive tools and a campfire. There is plenty of natural debris to make things. I made a spear and went fishing, talk about caveman techniques. There are plenty of berries around but i’m not sure if they are safe to eat or not. I still haven’t seen any birds even though the damn things will not shut up. Looking across the water I see what looks like a path. Maybe if I follow it I will find signs of civilization? I have made a make shift shelter for now, it should give me cover for the night if anything.

I went for a walk around this islet I am on and found a small path that led into the woods. It’s eerily void of life around here. I heard what I thought was a turkey and followed the sound. I thought maybe if I could catch it I could have a decent meal. Fish is OK but I prefer meat if I am honest. I couldn’t believe what I found… I’m no expert but I have seen films and i’m pretty sure I was looking at a dodo?! Well more like it found me, It startled me from behind and I instinctively turned around and well, punched it. It was unconscious. The thing on my arm started to itch and I saw I could move things between myself and the dodo. What is this strange place? I decided to give it some berries and when it woke up it started following me. I think I made a friend. I called him “Dude”.

Dude and I wandered a little further into the woods. I didn’t want to go too far in fear of getting lost. That’s when I heard it, a deep low growl. We ran back to the beach, to the hut. It had started raining too. On our way back I looked across the water again. I could see a second metal tower in the distance but this time it had a blue diamond. What are they? I need to investigate them but I have a feeling if I venture out there alone I might not survive and I don’t think a dodo will offer much protection. I could see a couple of fast creatures running around on the opposite bank, though I couldn’t make out what they were. Dude and I bunked down for the night. At least i’m dry and warm. Hopefully I will wake up from this dream soon.

Day 2

Nope still here. There was a bigger creature walking round by the hut. It didn’t seem hostile. I was messing with the thing on my arm and suddenly there was this thing. I’m not sure how to describe it, like a holographic screen. It had my name and my “stats”. It seems the stronger I get the more things I can do or access. I saw something about saddles, not horse saddles though. Oh and the thing on my arm is a “Specimen Implant” Whatever that means.

I decided to use the same tactics I used on Dude on that bigger creature. It was a parasaur. I named her “Ducky”. After putting a saddle on Ducky I decided to head out and scout around. I crafted myself a basic bow and some arrows, I felt a lot safer knowing I had more weapons to chose from and apparently i’m quite handy with a bow who knew?

I decided to head towards the nearest metal tower. I saw hardly any other life on my way there. A few dragonflies and birds. The dragonflies were huge! I reached the tower and to my surprise it was floating. How does a massive metal tower float? That surely is not possible? It was floating above a platform that was in some kind of crater, Metal, some strange kind of technology and natural rock all sort of melded together. It was amazing yet terrifying at the same time. I investigated further and there was a small pillar in the center of it. Upon interacting with the pillar I discovered it was a terminal and the tower above was called “Red Obelisk”. From what I can gather its for summoning a Dragon? I don’t think I will be messing with that anytime soon. Besides I need artifacts to do so. I don’t even know what an artifact looks like. I wonder if the Blue obelisk is the same?

I started to head back to the hut and took a slight detour through the woods. I found what looks like the remains of some ancient ruins. So there was life here at some point? There was a box which I opened and inside I found some paper. Not wanting to hang around I put the paper away and decided to read what it said when I got back to the relative safety of the hut. As I approached the hut in the distance I spotted a third obelisk in the distance that I had not yet seen. This one was green.

The latest Broth of Enlightenment trials have concluded, and as expected, I am disappointed in the results. Thought the primates I tested it on showed increased aptitude for learning, I do not believe any of them have truly ascended to a higher level of intelligence

Well bugger the little blighters, I say! My assistants have almost finished preparing my supplies for my next expedition, and I have drafted a letter to send to the Iron Brotherhood ahead of my departure. Soon enough, I’ll have forgotten all about the…

Pardon the interruption, it seems that I have a guest. Now just what is Mister Nerva doing here? I suppose I’ll find out.

So the paper I found was labeled “Rockwell Record 21” So i’m guessing the author is called Rockwell? He was testing something on monkeys? So there are or at least were others. A few of them too by the looks of it. Rockwell, Mister Nerva, and the Iron brotherhood sounds like a group of people. What happened to them? Where are they now? I have so many questions now. I don’t think there is a lot around here. Maybe I should find somewhere to settle more permanently and more structurally sound. I’ll start looking tomorrow.

Find part 2 here

Thanks for reading. I’m hoping to turn this into a series so keep updated via twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Take care xx

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