Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 Movie SPOILER FREE Review

So I put a poll up on my twitter this weekend asking what kind of blog/review you wanted and the majority voted spoiler free so here it is. Thank you everyone who voted I do like to try and interact with my followers and try to get you to help me decided what to write, your imput is very important to me.

So we all remember THIS monstrosity…. (Apologies for bringing up any reoccurring nightmares).

Lets face it, if CGI wasn’t an option we would have probably had Boomy the cat from “This House Has People In It” playing the blue blur. For those who don’t know who that is there’s a picture below. Thankfully after the first trailer made it’s rounds online Paramount took our concerns and changed Sonic so he looked more like, well Sonic.

So for the review. This is going to be hard because I promised a spoiler free one and that is a challenge. So after watching the film and re-watching the trailer (so I know what to include and what not to include) I will try my best.

The first thing I noticed was the little Easter eggs dotted around the movie. I caught a few but i’m willing to guess there are a lot more, for instance the fact that Sonic is using a Hill Top Zone, uh I mean Road sign as a ping pong table.

Sonic himself in the movie is just how you imagine him to be, a little cocky, desperate to do anything to help his friends and still loves Chilli dogs. What we tend to forget is even though he has been a hero in all these games over the years and not to mention plenty of animated series is that Sonic is still a kid, well a teenager at least and that gets shown a little more in this film.

Then we have the unwilling accomplice Tom, played by James Marsden who is beginning to get a rep for starring aside CGI animals.

Tom (as you can see by the trailer) is the unfortunate guy who gets caught up in the middle of everything and just like Fred in Hop, is kinda forced to help Sonic through a CGI animal guilt trip. His character is likeable enough though, and is an important plot device. Without spoilers thats all I can say though.

If someone had said to me, many moons ago; “Hey, who would you cast as Robotnik in a film?” I don’t really know what I would say. I know that I would not have chosen Jim Carey, I wouldn’t have even thought of him to play the role. Paramount on the other hand did, and I think it was the best decision in this film. Carey really brings Robotnik to life, do NOT be put off by the way he looks in the trailers because Carey BRANG it! Even if I was half expecting him to come out with “AAAAALIGHTY THEN!” at any moment. We all know (those of us who have played the games, watched the animated series etc) Robotnik is a power hungry, machine enthusiast, and when I say power hungry I don’t mean political power I mean literally POWER hungry. He craves the power to enhance his machines to be the best they can be to do whatever he needs them to do. This is why he spent many years/games trying to gain control of the Chaos Emeralds, and Carey was able to bring this element of Robotnik to life.

All round thoughts on this film was it’s a great family film, filled with laughs and a bit of nostalgia. It is NOT a Sonic origin story so get that out of your head if you haven’t already seen it. For me personally it felt like a Robotnik origin story and explains so much as to why he has spent years in videogames and animated series chasing Sonic. There IS a post credit scene so if you haven’t already seen the film be sure to stay for that. I cant say anyhting about it apart from OMG, and my daughter had a MASSIVE fangirl moment…

I hope this has been what you asked for, like I said a bit hard doing spoiler free. I recommend seeing it if you loved the games etc like I did. I promise it is worth it!

Sonic says, thanks for taking your time to read this and if you haven’t already find me on these platforms. Also If you have time and haven’t already make sure to check out the blog I did on replaying the original Sonic The Hedgehog with my daughter here.

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