My favourite Pokemon from each type.

So back in the good old days when I was a child and there were only 151 Pokemon there were 3 less types. Unless you are talking about TCG then they were all amalgamated into 7 types; Grass, fire, water, electric, fighting, normal, psychic (unless i’m missing one) Yes I am a 1st genner you’re welcome 🙂 Dark and steel were introduced in Gen 2 and Fairy types were introduced in Gen 6, although I have heard rumours that the fairy type is going to be abolished soon. Anyhow I thought to myself what can I babble on about this time without having to play any games as im at work all week and time is limited but is still game related? Well here you are. My favourite Pokemon from each type. I thought this would be easy, how wrong I was. 18 different types, I tried my hardest not to exclusively use Gen 1 Pokemon. I also quiet literately googled “x type Pokemon” and scrolled through. There are so many duel typed Pokemon too so that made it a little difficult so with some of my choices where there is a duel typed Pokemon I have gone for the 1st typing. Also tried to keep it away from it being an Eeveeloution list. I also wanted to keep away from legendaries and mega evolutions So here we go!

Fire- Rapidash

Rapidash. The original Kanto Rapidash not the sparkly glitter farting Galar Rapidash. We don’t have Galar here (until I can get my hands on a switch and sword or shield). I know there are a plethora of stronger, more up to date, cool fire type Pokemon out there but there is just something about a unicorn on fire you just can’t beat. I remember getting my first Ponyta and Rapidash TCG cards and being gutted they were pretty rubbish, but still. Let’s not forget that time Ash earned ponytas trust enough for him to ride it and then it evolved during the race… that was quality 90s kids shows right there!

Water- Wartortle

OK, OK I promise. it’s not all going to be gen 1 alright, bear with me! Wartortle, I feel middle evolution’s don’t get enough love and Wartortle is my favourite, well at least from all the starters anyway. Look at this guy, the cuteness of Squirtle but more elegant before it evolves into a massive canon wielding brute of a tortoise.

Grass- Leafeon

See I told you not ALL gen 1! The grass type is my favourite, and Leafeon is my Favourite grass type. This stems from the games. I had bred my Eevee in Y and transferred one of it’s eggs over to Alpha Sapphire. It hatched and it evolved into Leafeon. That Leafeon lead my team for the entire game and beyond (until my darling child saved over my damn game!) The combo of swords dance and leaf blade got me through so many battles. It’s so pretty too! Probably the most underrated Eeveeloution. Show Leafeon more love guys! x

Electric- Raichu

Look at this dude! Like look at how awesome it looks! Again Kanto Raichu not the fluffy, pancake loving Alolan version. “But what about Pikachu” I hear you exclaim wondering where the most famous electric mouse in the world is. Well not here! This is Raichu’s time to shine. I remember when Raichu debuted in the Indigo league in the two part episode where Ash tries to defeat Lt Surge. I even had the book of THOSE episodes I loved it so much. Yeah Surge’s Raichu seemed to be a bit of a douche but he was awesome! That tail is so awesome LOOK AT IT! Its colouring I think is beautiful and I also think it’s a shame the final evolution was never released. (Yes there was another evolution that was not released I think there was something about it a year ago circulating the tinterwebs). I remember spending hours trying to draw Raichu… It was the ears that got me….

Ground- Sandshrew

I’m sorry OK I know it’s another Gen 1 but shhh I can’t help it if I like the originals. So again Kanto Sandshrew as Alolan Sandshrew is an ice-type. It’s a cute little sandy armadillo type of animal that evolves into desert Sonic? I remember first seeing Sandshrew in the anime and I felt bad for the was A.J treated him, but as a result Sandshrew was bad-ass! I am NOT in anyway condoning using whips on Pokemon before the Pokemon version of “PETA” decided to gang up on me!

Ice- Froslass

So now we have our first proper duel typed ‘Mon, Froslass is an ice – ghost type, with a chilling story. It is said that it is the spirit of a woman that was lost in the mountains. Her favourite food is frozen souls and her hobbies include preying on handsome men and displaying her victims. Should be an easy one for CSI Pokemon to solve.

Flying- Farfectch’d

I know, we are back to gen 1 again i’m sorry. Farfetch’d is the only flying solo type that you are never bombarded with in the games. It carries around a leek because it’s leek is everything to it; food, weapon, nesting material, best friend? Of course we are not including the Galar form.

Rock- Sudowoodo

I’m not going to lie. I just love saying that name; Sudowoodo. it’s fun, try it. I keep forgetting its a rock type because it looks like a dang tree! So yeah I chose a favourite based on how its name sounds. I’m an adult and I can make life choices anyway I wish.

Steel- Steelix

To be honest I don’t really use steel Pokemon so having to choose was hard so I went for the easy choice of steelix. I did have a specially trained and bred Onix on AS which I evolved into a steelix and man that ‘mons defence was through the roof! It even battered fire types that were 10+ levels higher than it, but alas it was part of the team that died alongside my save when my beloved offspring saved over my game…

Normal- Eevee

Come on, seriously how can Eevee NOT be my favourite normal type. The possibilities are endless with this Pokemon! OK well not endless but there’s more options than most. One of the hardest decisions in gen one (after what starter to go for), was to figure out who to evolve Eevee into. Back then Eevee only had 3 Eeveeloutions not the 8 it has now. Aw man writing this really makes me wanna play Pokemon again…

Fighting- Breloom

So I had a few issues with Picking my favourite fighting type because I don’t really use them, so I went for a fighting/grass type and who could say no to a mushroom kangaroo? I haven’t had much experience with Breloom but I am hoping to change that in the future, as I feel it may have potential.

Ghost- Spirtomb

I chose Spiritomb as I feel it has an interesting backstory. Most ghost types do but this one caught my attention the most. Spiritomb is known as the forbidden Pokemon and is formed by uniting 108 spirits bound to an old keystone. This is punishment for their misdeeds from 500 years ago. 108 is relevant to Spiritomb as its made of 108 spirits, it’s Sinnoh regional dex number is 108, it weighs 108 kg and its base defence stat is 108. 108 is yoga’s sacred number and means spiritual completion. Well the more you know…

Dark- Malmar

So this one was a toss up between Malmar and Yvettel, since I don’t want to include Legendaries in this, it’s Malmar. Malmar is part of my TCGO dark deck and it kicks some serious butt when I have enough energy on it. I also think it looks pretty awesome too. Its funny that to evolve it from Inkay you have to turn your device upside down when it hits level 30. I like that, it’s unique.


Unown, well they are… letters? I really struggled with choosing a psychic type as many are legendaries or sudo-legendaries. I think Unown are fun and I need them as fridge magnets!

Poison – Mareanie

Mareanie is just adorable. I’m not going to lie I FELL in love with this creature whilst watching Sun and Moon the the child. I Love the obsession it has with James in the anime too! What is it with James and Pokemon? Also I wish I had Mareanie’s ability to regenerate whilst sleeping, as an “adult” I need this.

Dragon- Gyarados

Yes I know I have returned to Gen 1, what can I say just LOOK at this utter beauty! If one perseveres to get Magicarp to level 20, then one shall be rewarded with this magnificent beast! Yeah OK I could have gone with the more draconian looking dragon types but Gyarados is 100% proof that if you work hard enough you will be able to unleash your full potential.

Fairy- Mimikyu

As with steel and fighting types, I don’t really use many Fairy types but then this is no ordinary ‘fairy’. This dark fairy in my opinion is THE most cute, adorable and ingenious Pokemon ever! Mimikyu disguises itself as Pikachu, the most renowned Pokemon ever, to get attention. Brains and beauty. I can’t help it. Watching sun and moon was the ONLY time I was hoping Pikachu and Ash would get their asses whooped and you know who finally succeeded? (SPOILERS FOR SUN AND MOON!) yeah my ‘mon Mimikyu!

Bug- Shuckle

There were a lot of bugs types to choose from, I almost went for Butterfree but decided that I already had 1 too many Gen 1’s on the list. There were multiple butterfly style ‘mons I could choose from, I do like my butterflies; but then I decided for something completely different. Shuckle. Although it’s attack stats are pretty bad it does have the highest base defence stat. That and I just wanted to say this in a blog…


OK i’m done.

So those were my favourites of each type, who are you favourite Pokemon? Let me know in the comments. Also you can click on the logos below to find me on social media. Hope to hear for you soon!