Stardew Valley Co-op (PS4)

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So just over a month ago (Sept 25th 2019) I awoke in the morning and did my usual scrolling on my social media. That’s when I discovered something I had been waiting for had finally happened. Stardew Valley Co-op had finally dropped on the PS4. Immediately I sent a message to my gaming group on Facebook with the tweet from ConcernedApe himself. Unfortunatly as working adults, my friends and myself had to go to work first. You can imagine how quickly we wanted the working day to end!

That evening we gathered on party chat to discuss our “game plan” We decided that I would be the host and we would try a forest farm map. So I booted up the game made a hosted game and completely forgot how to create my character. So I started again. We got into the swing into things and did what we did best. One person started on fishing, one on foraging and another on farming. Unfortunately since co-op was newly released we had a few hiccups, mainly lots of blue screening. However despite that we carried on because we enjoy the game and understand when it comes to new stuff in gaming its NEVER plain sailing straight away. (Am I right Assassins creed Unity?)


We also learnt that with co-op came new features aside from being co-op. We discovered if you ran out of energy you can lie in bed and your energy will go up. Also to end the day everybody had to be in bed and say yes to sleep. Then press OK on the next screen for the next day to start.

Mining and combat

When the mines opened up if one person got to a certain level that level would be open for everyone else too so that was handy, especially for me as I had concentrated on farming and had not spent much time in the mines unlike my friends. However one of my friends realized that the knock-back effect was disabled whilst fighting enemies. The other struggle we had was whilst eating food the game didn’t pause (like it does in single player) which means if you are mining and need to eat you don’t have a chance when you have mobs trying to eat your face.

Farming, fishing and foraging

Nothing has really changed with farming, fishing and foraging. Not that we could tell. However it is a lot easier in early game when you have 3 players watering crops so there is that.


So during the Stardew valley year there are around 2 events every season. (3 in winter) Most of these events cannot be accessed unless all players online are present. However the events are more fun when there are more players, such as the Easter egg hunt (Yeah Abigail your Easter egg champ days are over!). You can ask a fellow player to be your partner for the flower dance too (I totally rocked that the 1st spring) Also a new event had opened up in the winter. The night market. It lasts for 3 days with new activities to do and is located on the docks. I don’t know if this event is unlocked on the single player version of SDV as I have not checked. (It wasn’t the last time I looked). I also may have used the Mayor’s purple shorts as my secret ingredient for the luau with hilarious results!


So the quests you get from the noticeboard outside the shop are all individual to each player. (From what we have found) You all get the same quests from the mailbox outside your house and completing the community center is a team effort too, also making that easier. Unlocking skull cavern is joint too. As stated above, when one person completes the first set of mines it is opened up for everyone else.


Money is shared. Everything that is earned is put into a joint pot, so if you are thinking of playing make sure you find people who you can communicate with and trust wont squander your hard earned cash. We spent a fair bit of time discussing what would be best to spend money on and tried to decide in advance so everybody would know what we were saving for. Teamwork is essential.

Our biggest barrier

I could not find an option to kick people out of the game. As the host this would have been a great option. Again as stated above to progress to the next day everyone online has to press OK. This does not work when one of your friends has a habit of randomly falling asleep…. >.< (Yes Gaz i’m talking about you).

The end?

Heck no! We made it to the end of the 2nd year after a month of playing. Yes a month we are also working adults and parents so it did take that long. We did manage to make Grandpa Santa? Happy enough to give us 3 out of 4 candles. We are still working to get all our skills to level 10. A couple of us are working towards the NPC friendships for unlocking things like recipes etc. We only have the bulletin board to finish to complete the community center and I personally am determined to complete the collections. Who knows when we are done we may start a new farm on a different map? We also now have a 4th player so that’s made it even more fun!

And of course, we couldn’t play without continuously quoting DangerouslyFunny

Hey Idiot, Here’s your coconut!

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    1. it is, it does relive the stress of huge crops right at the beginning. Other things are easier too but also the same. I.E the collections are all individual still and leveling up skills of course. I completely forgot it hasn’t dropped on xbox yet. Hope is arrives soon for you!

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