Blog’s Journal Part 1

*Note this journal is a blog to go along side the “Blog’s new adventure series” on YouTube which you can find here. Watch it live streamed here and get updates here. Its the journal of the character Blog, a khajiit and her perspective on her time in Skyrim*

17th Last Seed

I don’t know what happened. One minute I was walking down the path, the next I awoke in a cart with 3 others. The blonde Nord spoke first, I don’t know how long I was out for. Apparently I had been caught trying to cross the border. I didn’t know I had already reached the providence of Skyrim. I guess I must have been in my own world and not noticed the signs. Another man spoke, Apparently he was a thief. I don’t know about the third, he was gagged as well as bound. Apparently he was some dangerous power hungry lord or something I wasn’t really paying attention.

We arrived at our destination, A medium sized hamlet, they called it Helgen. We were ordered out of the cart, there were Imperial soldiers there with a list checking people off. I wasn’t on the list and was told to give my name. They called us out one by one. It seemed everyone here was some sort of criminal. I wasn’t supposed to be here I haven’t done anything wrong! The thief from the cart, Lokir tried to run but he was shot down by archers. There was no way I could escape. The first prisoner was called forward and they were swiftly beheaded. It was my turn, I didn’t expect my first (and only time) in Skyrim to be so short lived. There were strange sounds coming from the surrounding mountains, maybe it was the howling of the wind? I was ordered to lay my head on the chopping block and that’s when I saw it. A monstrous dragon!

Chaos ensued. People running everywhere, archers trying to shoot the gigantic beast down, prisoners and villagers alike running to any safe place, whilst the winged death caused destruction with its fire. The blonde Nord beckoned me to follow him, I learned his name was Ralof. We ran to a tower where the gagged man was. His name was Ulfric, apparently he was the Jarl of a hold here in skyrim. We ran up the tower stairs hoping to seek shelter, when the dragon burst through. After he left Ralof told me to use the gaping hole left behind from it to jump across to a burning building. I blindly ran through the flame ridden village, avoiding falling debris and of course that huge beast of death. I found Ralof again by another tower, this one looked more secure and we ran in. He released my binds, one of his comrades lay dead and he told me to take his gear. But we were trapped. the gate was locked and certain death lay in the direction from where we had come.

We heard some Imperial soldiers approaching, they opened the gate and we ambushed them. I took some things from their not yet cold bodies thinking if I ever escape I could get a few coins. I guess I will never be able to completely forget my past, after all don’t they say old habits die hard? We ran through the what I assume were barracks? storage? We had to fight a few imperials to get through (adding to my growing collection of weapons). We gathered what supplies we could before going through an exit. Instead of freedom we were in a cave.

We followed the path of the cave. Calmer knowing it would be impossible for that black beast of death to reach us now, yet still alert we continued. The path lead us to a small chamber full of frost bite spiders! Normal ones are bad enough, but there was a giant one too! I have never seen an arachnid that big! I guess adrenaline kicked in and we slew them with our sword and arrows. We weren’t out of the woods yet. In the next chamber lay a bear, a big brown bear. Using my bow and my stealth I took her out. I had come too far to become bear food! Exiting the chamber we followed a path around which led to the exit. Freedom at last! The crisp cold air on my face felt as good as the sands of home under my feet. We hid behind a huge rock near where we escaped until the beast had vacated the area.

Ralof told me it would be a good idea to head to the nearest village, Riverwood which is where he was from. He needed to warn his family and the rest of the village, but apparently we were late with this news. An old woman was outside her home screaming about a dragon, the others however didn’t seem to believe her story until we confirmed it. Ralof asked me to talk to his sister Gurdur, Gurdur offered me some items and asked me to go to Whiterun and talk to the Jarl there to request assistance. I couldn’t refuse after her kindness and the fact her brother helped me escape certain death.

I met a Bosmer named Faendal, that is too much of a mouthful for me so I just called him Fenny for short, he didn’t seem to mind. He was having trouble with a bard called Sven and asked me to deliver a fake later to this woman whom both he and this Sven liked. I did so and Camilla (That is her name) became angry at this Sven guy. I left her to it. Her brother Lucan is the Riverwood’s trader so I took the time to sell the items I had looted for some coin. I returned to Fenny and It seemed we needed to head to Whiterun and could make it before it got too dark.

On the way to Whiterun, we encountered some wolves which we easily dealt with. Then we happened upon three Stormcloak guards escorting a prisoner. After what had just happened to me I felt for the prisoner and tried to free him, the soldiers attacked us, we took them down without too much effort, but unfortunately the prisoner we tried to free died in the crossfire. We made it to Whiterun shortly after dark, I had to persuade the guard to let us in for we bore urgent news. I was so tired and hungry so we made our way to the tavern. I rented a room, had some wine and went to bed. I fear Vaermina will torment me tonight…

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