BE3 My thoughts

So its that magical week for gamers, E3! I was going to write about all the conferences but between working and the fact I pretty much fell asleep during EA’s conference I thought it would be best if I just focused on the one that means the most to me: Bethesda- Be3

This years emphasis for Be3 was community, because (and I quote) “We are all Bethesda.” That’s right all of us, even my pain in the butt cat! 🙂 So what happened, lets look.

So we started of with Pete Hines (HI PETE!) giving a quick run down on what has happened in the previous year and telling us gamers how absolutely awesome we are (Damn right!) before introducing us to, well who else? Todd Howard.

Todd carried on the flattery before running right into Fallout76. Lets face it that game got a lot of flack as did Bethesda. Todd again praised the Bethesda community “We made a post apocalyptic survival game where you can do whatever you want and everybody’s nice to each other? They don’t go on killing greifing sprees, they leave food and water for the newbies and wave to each other. I don’t know about you, this should give us all hope for humanity when the Apocalypse does come.”However before indulging more about the MMORPG, Todd went on to talk about the new updates and content which will be appearing in the mobile game;The elder scrolls Blades. (I previously did a review/ blog about that when it first launched for early access, and you can find it here )

What is coming to Blades? So here is a quick run down, I think I have already bored you enough with my slight fangirling of Todd as it is >.<)

  • New jobs and solo arena battles.
  • Custom jewelry system.
  • Dragon quest line.
  • PvP, player owned guilds and visiting your friends towns, to be coming in autumn (or fall whatever suits you better).
  • Being released on the Nintendo switch (like everything else lol) in autumn/fall including cross-play with mobile.

Don’t forget if you already have it, you can log in and claim your E3 rewards this week people! I also need to go back and revisit it to do a new review/blog for it.

Now it’s time for the Fallout76 news and what they have in store for us this year. This years Fallout goodies include:

  • Human NPCs!
  • New quest line
  • New rewards
  • Full dialog trees

The above Wastelander’s update again is coming in Fall. Also just for E3 week Fallout76 is free for everyone to try. (I am seriously considering this now, since 76 did not appeal to me at all). A new game mode is also being released which is a battle royale mode, for all you BR fans 🙂 The Nuclear Winter (battle royale mode) is also a part of the free F76 trail for E3 week for those wishing to try it.

A new game from Tango is also going to be released, not much was said about it but it did intrigue me. Its an action, adventure, paranormal game called Ghostwire Tokyo. A brief video was shown but it did not give much away.

Next we have The Elder Scrolls Online, server capacity has been increased to deal with the amount of new players. Personally I would love to get back into it and get the new Elsweyr dlc, However I feel I need a party to play with as playing solo all the time isn’t great for me. Oh well, maybe one day 🙂 So what additional goodies do Zenimax have in store for us this year?

  • Necromancer class (newly released)
  • Elsweyr is described as the perfect starting point for new players
  • The next part of the Season of the Dragon story line
  • New story dlc Dragonhold
  • Dungeon dlc Scalebreaker

Bethesda then went on to talk about their mobile games, new and upcoming Commander Keen which is based off a 90’s id game, which I have never heard of and elder scrolls legends. They showed a video of the newly released Rage2 and a brief description of the updates which consist of new vehicles and the Rise of the gods expansion,

Next up was Wolfenstein and it’s two new upcoming games. 1st up is a new VR game Cyberpilot. In Cyberpilot you are a hacker working for the French resistance taking control of Nazi war machines and turning them against their creators. It will be available this July.

The next new Wolfenstein game is Youngblood. Promising more weapons, weapon upgrades and ways to customize your play style. It is also going to be co-op. It is set in the 1980s, twin sisters Jess and Sofe are tasked with tracking down their father in Nazi occupied Paris. You can play single player mode or partner up with a friend. Youngblood releases on PS4 XBOX1 PC and Nintendo switch on the 26th of July.

Next up was Arkane Lyon who announced their new FPS Deathloop. Its kind of hard to explain what it is. Two rivals Colt and Julianne must fight in a seamlessly never ending loop of time. One trying to maintain the loop and the other trying to break it. You can check out a video of it here and see what you think for yourselves.

Bethesda touched upon the new streaming service Orion before announcing the game they were counting on the most this year. Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal promises new areas to explore as the ultimate power fantasy. “Every enemy is different every weapon has a purpose, and every decision you make really counts. The only path to victory in Doom Eternal is to aggressively control the fight.” They showed a few game play videos which were obviously awesome and you should totally check out here. It will be released on November 22nd of this year. There is also going to be a collectors edition which comes with a real life ACTUAL Doomslayer helmet. Of course they did not provide a price. They are also releasing a new multiplayer mode; Battlemode. In Battlemode two player controlled demons take on one fully loaded slayer in a fight to the death. Demon strategy vs Human skill. More will be revealed about Doom Eternal at Quakecom in July.

That was it. No hidden bits or special surprises from Bethesda. Not even a title for ES6. I was disappointed needless to say. So with a big sigh, I turned off YouTube and loaded up a new game of Fallout4.

What did you think of the conference? Which bits did you enjoy the most or least? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to check out my other blog posts on here and please share the links on your social media.

Most of all, Happy gaming ❤

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