The Adventures of sonic, DD and I

Hello again readers. (I should think of a more original name for you guys).

It was a rainy Saturday morning and I was consuming my usual mug of morning coffee. I was trying to think of something to do with DD. I had a few things in mind and the one she jumped at was “Setting up the mega drive” Awesome.

So we powered up the mega drive, it’s one of the ones that was released the other year with about 80 games already on it and selected Sonic the Hedgehog. You know, that classic from 1991, the one i played endlessly as a child around the same age as DD. We played by the standard 2 player on a single player game rules. 1 person plays until they die or complete an act. Soon enough Green hill started and so did our session.

We did pretty well, by the time we had got to Spring yard zone act 3 we had 8 lives, a continue and 2 chaos emeralds. Pretty good going for an adult and child tag team. DD defeated the Spring yard boss and everything was looking good, until… The screen flashed up, with a gulp and a shared look of worry we knew it was going to be challenging… Labyrinth zone.

“No mum” DD said. “I’m not even touching this, it’s all yours” (Thanks kid) So with a deep breath I took Sonic through the watery and dangerous depths of the Labyrinth zone. I died several times, spikes, running out of air and just not being able to adapt to Sonic’s slow speed underwater. Finally we got to act 3. We were down to 4 lives. I knew I HAD to do this. After loosing 3 lives I finally got to the Boss. Robotnik taunted me as he flew up, leaving me to jump and dodge and fight for breath…I died. But all was not lost, we did have a continue! I got through the labyrinth and to the boss, where I died, and died again and then one last time. GAME OVER!

I was gutted. I played and completed this game so many times when I was DD’s age why could I not do it now as an adult? Stupid Robotnik..

DD booted up the game again and played on her own whilst I took a break and did bits around the house. She got to Green Hill zone 3 and said “Mum I have had enough you can carry on now”, and off she popped. I looked at the screen, was I going to let this game beat me? No, no I was not! I picked up the controller and un-paused it.

I flew through Green Hill and Marble zone collecting rings and extra lives on the way. I got to Spring Yard and stopped. No, I needed to start from the beginning, I knew in Green Hill zones 2 & 3 DD probably missed some 1ups that I was really going to need. So I reset it. I didn’t start the game straight away though. I went through the normal evening routine. Making food, cleaning making sure DD had washed her hair properly in the bath, spoke to a friend on the phone all that jazz.

I psyched myself up and pressed start. It was a pretty good run through, by the time I got to the boss in Spring Yard I had 15 lives, 3 continues and 4 chaos emeralds. And then I died. WHAT? I died on the spring yard boss? dont be silly! Sighing with frustration I tried again… and died. What was going on? So I tried again and died… confused and getting increasingly frustrated I made the executive decision to go to bed. I paused the game, turned off my T.V. and went to bed.

The next morning after general things and stuff I made a coffee and turned my T.V. on. There I was right where I died last night… right Robotnik… not this time mate! I died…

What is going on with me? I died. I finally beat him but I was down to 8 lives… the same amount of lives me and DD had last time we played labyrinth… great. But at least this time I had more continues. Act 1 I surprisingly got through unscathed. Act 2 I died once. Act 3 I died before getting to the boss. So down to 6 lives. I found a 1up just before the boss, great back up to 7 lives! Maybe there is a chance!

I hit the save point and jumped onto the sponges and let the water take me up… I jumped up and up and up. I got the shield bubble and ran. I hit Robotnik and then it was a race. I jumped up and up, leaving the water behind me. I dodged the fireballs and spikes. I got hit by a spike but it was fine i just lost my bubble. The water had caught up. I was almost there I could see the top of the water above me, I just needed to get over to that edge and avoid the spike. The music started indicating i was abut to run out of air. I got to the ledge jumped… I was too late I had ran out of air mere milliseconds before my head broke the surface… 

I took a deep breath… OK I was almost there this that time I can do this. I started at the save point so I had no rings I only had the bubble to protect me. Up I went, up and up and up, lost my bubble to a spike and then my life to a fire ball. (How do fireballs work underwater anyway?).

I tried again, I almost reached the top but I ran out of air… How did I do this when I was a kid?

Hands shaking, palms sweating I tired again. I was near the top, I had lost my bubble and the music saying I was almost out of air started. Come on! I thought You can do this and suddenly, DRY LAND! Robotnik ran away in his stupid flying machine and I jumped on the button and released Sonic’s woodland friends. Shocked I just stared at the screen.

After a few minutes I went to DD’s bedroom. I opened the door and just looked at her.

“Hi mum” she snag cheerfully. “Whats up?”

My hands were still shaking and I looked at her.

“I did it poppet, I defeated Robotnik on Labyrinth zone”

She jumped up from where she was sat.

“Really? Awesome! How many lives do you have?” She asked following me into the front room.

“3 Lives, I think I have 3 continues and 3 Chaos emeralds.”

“Awesome mum, good job!”

We played through Star Light zone and picked up a few extra lives. We got a special zone and I got the emerald. I thought I had only gotten three but I had gotten 4, now 5.

“Mum we only need 1 more emerald!”

OK kid. We played through Act 2 and picked up a couple of extra lives and the special zone.

“You can do it mum, I believe in you!”

After a lot of jumping and near misses, I got the final chaos emerald and another continue, but our adventure was not over yet. We defeated the boss and entered Scrap Brain zone. We had at this point gone back up to 7 lives, we were feeling optimistic. We took it in turns to try and get through Robotnik’s death traps. Managed to find a few more extra lives but not without loosing some either. We were Zapped, burnt, fell into oblivion but we we persistent, I mean we hadn’t even touched our continues yet. Act 3 was next and we had 3 lives. I found another extra life but soon lost it. At this point I couldn’t be bothered to look around, especially as it was a lot like labyrinth zone so I just tried to get through it. We got to the area with the springs, I jumped… we were in FINAL ZONE.

Robotnik thought he was so clever in his moving metal tubes, and his zappy balls of electric, but I remembered from my childhood. This Boss wasn’t defeated by speed, you needed patience. I stood at the right hand side of the screen, dodged the balls and waited patiently until Robotnik was in a tube I could hit. DD was keeping count.

“One more to go mum!”

Robotnik came up in his tube and BAM! I got him, his stuff exploded and he was finally defeated! Sonic was running through Green Hill with all his woodland friends who he had rescued and the chaos emeralds floated above his head.

Everyone was happy, Sonic, his friends, DD, me everyone except Robotnik.

Well you shouldn’t have been nasty to everyone then, Robotnik now go away and take your stupid mustache with you!

DD was over the moon.

“Shall we play Sonic 2 now mum?”

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